About 234Intel

Over the years, 234Intel has conducted several research studies, polls and monitored key events across Nigeria.

Who Are We

234Intel is a full-service research and intelligence consulting company offering the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable real-time intelligence on trends, attitudes, and issues shaping Nigeria.

We are dedicated to improving how high-quality data and insights on  Nigeria are accessed, consumed, and distributed. Our data and research experts go the extra mile to gather massive amounts of data on Nigeria’s most pressing issues, connect data into actionable intelligence and interpret in straightforward, easy-to-digest formats.

Our tailored research studies, polls, sentiment tracking, and monitoring of key events across Nigeria provide us with an unrivalled depth of first and secondary data that helps us continuously provide valuable and credible data-driven solutions.

We offer insightful reports, white papers, articles, and information that help individuals and organisations make better decisions in various sectors, including elections, financial services, entertainment, social policy and health issues.

Our Mission

Empower every Nigerian to make better decisions on relevant issues they care about by providing information grounded in objective, real-time insights.

Our Vision

To be Nigeria’s leading provider of data and intelligence on Nigerians.

Our Values



We create relevant content that appeals to a broad and diverse audience with various identities,  including those based on gender, age,  ability, and background. We produce information for specialists and non-specialists.



We are responsible for the quality of information we provide to the public.  We share details about our processes and methodologies for arriving at our findings and provide evidence that supports our conclusions without attaching bias to our reports.



We are meticulous in testing hypotheses and assumptions; when reality contradicts popular narratives,  we are eager to challenge them. We provide information that is accurate and presents the entire picture possible.



We conduct all our processes and methodologies with uncompromising integrity and honesty as a company, enduring credibility with all generated and published insight



We are unbiased and impartial in  our reporting. We tell  uncomfortable truths.



We go beyond limitations to collect, analyse and present the highest quality data from Nigeria.

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